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About Sandra


I am an independent videographer & videostrategist with a strong passion for helping good companies tell great stories. After some years years of working with motion design, and video creation at media agency INFOSCREEN based in Vienna, I am now applying my creative skills in service of my own clients, managing all aspects of projects such as storyboarding, filming, and post-production. I enjoy working directly with clients using my empathic nature to connect, and bring strong stories to life. Projects involving a good cause, especially in environmental protection and animal rights issues are particular dear to me as they align with my personal interests and values.

My main focus of work is therefore on heart-centred businesses, sustainable brands, start-ups & non-profit organisations.

Sandra Noll

I believe if people with the same mindset come together, a synergy is created which reflects in the quality of the outcome –
together we bring your vision to life and spread your message.


What I can do for you

Wildkräuterwanderung noll media


every company has a message – tell your story

eventvideo noll media


give an insight of your activities and increase your outreach

erklaerungsvideo video noll media


content is king – explanation videos help to get informations across or to present your service or product

short documentary animal hospital noll media

Short Documenatry

high value in a short time – explain important issues straight to the point

How I work

About My Work

What you deserve is what you get!

My clients always get fair prices for the product they want.

Special price for NGOs and start-ups!
I guarantee a fair price system, so I can support everybody who is interessted in my work.

About My Work

Work in progress

First step:

After briefing me, you get a preview of your project. If you don’t like it – don’t worry – you get another one in the price included.

Second step:

Now we know where we are going and I will send you your final project. In this stage you have 2 modifications included.

About My Work


  1. contact me
  2. brief me
  3. get your first layout
  4. finetune your project with me
  5. be satisfied

About My Work

I go the extra mile

I want my clients to be happy with my work and their new product. Together we can create something special!

are we on the same page? I would love to hear from you